Selkirk (WA)

Selkirk (WA)


Selkirk is a sipping vodka aged in charred American oak barrels giving it a similar look and taste to fine Scotch whisky. It was inspired by a recently rediscovered spirit called Starka, an Eastern European barrel-aged vodka favored by nobility that dates back to the 15th-century.  Our result is exceptional. This is an extremely rare distilled spirit that will appeal to those who not only enjoy the smoothness of Glass Vodka but also the complexity that comes from aging found similarly in single malt Scotch whisky or anejo tequilas. 


I designed the label to represent many of my passions in life, including the brand namesake, my late dog, “Selkirk”.  The coat-of-arms, topped with our signature glass stopper is flanked by two Labradors. The shield depicts wine grapes from which the spirit is distilled, a martini glass, a skull and crossed golf clubs to showcase my passions in life.  Scribed in Latin around the shield is the Glass Distillery motto, “Embrace the unexpected.”


Selkirk has a beautiful deep burnished amber color.  The nose is of vanilla, hints of burnt caramel and toasted oak with a graceful finish that is incomparably refined.  

~ Ian GJ MacNeil


The 2019 vintage sees this limited release presented in 750ml and 375ml bottles at 100 proof, each individually hand numbered.


Price Includes:

Retail spirit tax (750ml) $12.30 or (375ml) $6.15

Retail liter tax - $2.83 or (375ml) $1.42

Source:  Washington wine grapes, new American Oak


Flavor Profile:  Herbaceous, mineral notes, ripe fruits, oak, leather, cooked sugar, vanilla, spicy orange zest


Nose: Whiskey, soft oak, vanilla, toasted grains, caramel


Finish:  Toasty, dry, woodsy