Gridiron Vodka

Gridiron Vodka


Named the “Best Vodka of the Pacific Northwest” by SIP Northwest Magazine, Gridiron Vodka is a blend of distilled spirits; 75% from Missouri corn and 25% from Washington wine grapes. A unique creation from Glass Distillery, Gridiron is a wonderfully pure and smooth vodka that blends the warmth and traditional taste profile of a grain-based vodka with a subtle hint of sophistication from the wine grape based glass vodka. Gridiron gets its name from Seattle’s own El Gaucho Restaurant and their "Gridiron Society," a name developed by El Gaucho’s owner Chad Mackay after reading a book given to him by long-time guest Russ Johanson of Seattle's "Ravenna Rare Books". Distilled just blocks away from the gridiron of Century Link Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks!

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This product was conceived as vodka to be blended as part of your favorite cocktail. Gridiron Vodka has proven itself worthy of positively profound and lasting impressions, even consumed on its own merits – chilled or straight. We like to suggest that our blended vodka is the sassy sibling to our more sophisticated and elegant Glass Vodka.


Glass Distillery

Boutique & Tasting Room

1712 1st Ave S.

Seattle, WA 98134

   (206) 743-8070


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