Glass Vodka R3

Glass Vodka R3


Reuse. Refill. Recycle. 


Glass Distillery's bottles have always represented a refined elegance at the forefront of design. "glass vodka R3" is the same award winning super-premium vodka produced by Glass Distillery but filled in a first-of-its-kind bottle that uses 100% post-consumer use glass.


The use of recycled glass in manufacturing conserves raw materials and reduces energy consumption. Doing so benefits the environment, consumers and manufacturers. Step up to R3!


The limited-production "Gold Edition" bottle of glass vodka features brilliant golden accents in place of the traditional silver collar and logo. Only 500 of these bottles were created, and for a limited time they can be purchased in tandem with our newest product, glass vodka R3! A pour spout is even included with this exclusive pack to encourage the reuse of our R3 bottle after it's been used to refill your crystal decanter!