Glass Vodka (WA)

Glass Vodka (WA)


The flagship product in our collection, Glass Vodka is an internationally-acclaimed, artisan spirit uniquely made with wine grapes grown in the Pacific Northwest. 


Slowly distilled and then naturally filtered using diatomaceous earth instead of charcoal, this distinctive vodka isn't adulterated with a sugar or citric acid so it natually retains the character and bright citrus qualities of the wine grapes from which it was created. Known for its unforgettably smooth finish, Glass Vodka is our liquid celebration of art, authenticity, and life.


Price Includes:

Retail spirit tax (50ml) $2.05, (750ml) $6.77, (375ml) $2.83 or (1.75L) $22.55

Retail liter tax - (50ml) $0.19, (750ml)$2.83, (375ml) $1.42 or (1.75L) $6.60

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Source:  Wine grapes grown in the Pacific Northwest

Flavor Profile:  Slightly sweet, toasted marshmallow, orange and lemon peel, umami

Nose: White wine, dried flowers, honeysuckle

Finish:  Cool, clean, elegantly viscus


Glass Distillery

Boutique & Tasting Room

1712 1st Ave S.

Seattle, WA 98134

   (206) 743-8070


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