Glass Nectar Vodka

Glass Nectar Vodka


Our internationally-acclaimed flagship vodka is infused with artisan, hand-gathered honey to create Glass Nectar.  The finished vodka varies in color from light straw to deep gold.  Every honey harvest is a vintage expression of not only the source, but of the season during the year.  Crafted to provide an elegant, warm and delicately sweet finish, approximately one ounce of pure honey is the only ingredient added to Glass Vodka in order to create this delectable nectar of the Gods.


Current Batch: Spring honey from King County, Washington (2019)

Cherry Blossom, Plum, Light Maple and early Blackberry honey. 

Source:  Wine grapes grown in the Pacific Northwest & Western Washington honey

Flavor Profile:  Balanced, delicately sweet, silky

Color:  Light golden, chardonnay

Nose: Toasted honey, rose, raspberry, citrus

Finish:  Warm and pleasantly lingering honey